Dorothy Mills (2008)
Directed by Agnes Merlet

Starring Caprice van Houten David Wilmot Gary Lewis Jenn Murray

An OK, but for the most part foretable ghost/possession movie from Ireland, "Dorothy Mills" borrows elements from "Stir of Echoes", "Sixth Sense" and "The Exorcist," waters them down, them delivers them TV movie style. If it wasn't for some good performances -- especially of Jenn Murray in the title role -- this film might be unwatchable.

But the performances are really good, especially Murray, who is amazing as the teenage girl with multiple personalities. After an assault on a baby, the girl is visited by a psychiatrist (Caprice van Houten), who lost her son in an accident some time earlier. On her way to the island, the attractive strong female doctor is run off the road by a group of teenage drivers.

As she visits with Dorothy and meets the town the girl grew up in, she begins to wonder if the girl isn't just as nutty as the dysfunctional town, which is under the thumb of an authoritarian priest. Things get more intense as Dorothy begins having Exorcist-style seizures. And even more interesting when she realizes some of Dorothy's personalities seem to be based on people that have died in the village. And even more interesting when the psychiatrist realizes some of the teens she has seen around town -- including the ones who ran her off the road -- have been dead more than 10 years. And, if that wasn't enough, Dorothy begins to channel the voice and image of the psychiatrist's own dead son!

She also stumbles in on a seance-like ceremony being held by the local priest involving Dorothy, and her special "gift" that enables the dead to talk through her.

What unravels is your standard ghost story mystery -- this one around the rape and murder of a girl and the killing of her teenage friends. As is normally the case with these kinds of ghost stories, the spirits are trying to help get a "cold case" solved.

"Dorothy Mills" is atmospheric and well acted, but too derivative to be memorable. It's Rated R, but could almost be PG-13. It's one of those films that isn't so bad you'll be depressed that you watched it, but not good enough to seek out. It also drags quite a bit during its middle section.

If there's nothing else on, it may be worth catching. But it should be far from the first title you pick up at your local video store.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by tanairy del carmen gutierrez mujica on March 24, 2010
well,i think the exorsist of doroty mill is a good movie because the sountrack is exelent,and the stiryland is very good.I really liked the film because i´ts the thriller old the time.

Posted by Laultimahorreur on November 28, 2010
I don't agree with this. You have taken the film at face value, watching the film portrayed feelings of the supernatural- but left a more subtle back story. The girl was mentally ill- the impression I and a friend had was that Dorothy had overheard snippets of the crime committed and brought these out through her personalities. The personalities she had was a violent Duncan (due to his reaction to the rape of Mary) A slutty Mary (due to the men who committed the crime being convinced she was "up for it") and Kurt, who took Dorothys pain for her, Kurt technically died because he was there- he had no clear personality. This comes through as an extreme in Dorothys various personalities because you do see in the flashbacks that Mary wasn't a slut at all. To me the film was not supernatural, the only event that wasn't explained was the car running Jane off the road at the start, but for my part I reckon that was an oversight in the story.

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