Uninvited (2009)
Directed by Charles Guard, Thomas Guard

Starring Arielle Kebbel Elizabeth Banks Emily Browning

If Platinum Dunes is the remake factory devoted to redoing slashers from the '80s, then Dreamworks' horror division is clearly the remake machine devoted to redoing classic Asian horrors.

A redo of "A Tale of Two Sisters" was announced quite some time ago. It then showed up to American theaters under a new title, the duller "The Uninvited," possibly to prevent people from renting the original movie and spoiling the story's big twist ending.

And the big twist ending is what this movie is all about. I won't spoilt for you. Just mention it's there and it's the only reason you should see this movie.

The film opens with a nightmare sequence involving a party at a beach and an explosion in a beach house, before we meet the film's young protagonist Anna (Emily Browning), who has been staying in a mental institution as she gets over a suicide attempt. Her psychiatrist decides she has made enough progress to send her home.

Picked up by her father, whom we learn is an author, she makes it home where we meet her wicked soon-to-be stepmother (hotttie Elizabeth Banks of "Slither") and her party animal sister. It's here that the story really gets going, as the two sisters are pitted against the wicked hottie, and Anna and sis dig deeper into the mystery surrounding the death of their mother. Dad's new girlfriend also used to be their sick mother's nurse. She may also have been a killer of children for another family she took care of. Or so the two daughters believe.

A psychological horror movie in the vein of "Relection of Fear" and "The Other," this is a pretty good PG-13 horror film, although not as good as DreamWorks' "The Ring". The performances are pretty good but some of the characters aren't quite fleshed out. And a schooled horror nerd should be able to see the twist ending coming. But it's well worth watching.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore


Posted by {P.} on April 23, 2009
Even though I saw the "twist" ending coming, I actually quite liked the movie. The atmosphere was tense, there weren't too many fake jump scares, and the characters wre engaging enough. Also, the final scene (back at the insane aylum) had me smiling ear to ear. This would be a great double bill with the Ring remake.

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