Grace (2009)
Directed by Paul Solet

Starring Gabrielle Rose Serge Houde Stephen Park Stephen Park

What if a baby was born "undead" and craved human blood instead of milk?

You might have the storyline of "Grace," a small-cast low-budget shocker which did pretty well on the festival circuit prior to a tiny theatrical run and inevitable DVD release. Although it has a great cast, some excellent scenes and a popular concept -- pregnancy horror films have been around for quite some time now -- it fails to work as a cohesive whole. The other major baby monster films -- mainly "It's Alive" and "The Unborn" -- are much better than this.

Uber hottie Jordan Ladd plays mom-to-be Madeline Matheson, who has opted to go the natural childbirth route and hire a midwife (Samantha Ferris). But a car accident that kills her husband also -- apparently -- kills her unborn baby. She opts to give natural birth anyway. The baby comes out, seemingly dead as doctors warned it would be, but then comes to life. She names her baby Grace, and things seem OK, until the infant starts attracting flies and demonstrates a craving for human blood for sustenance. Ladd tries buying the baby girl "Kinder kills, cleaner cut" brand beef, but it doesn't cut the mustard. She needs human blood.

Basically we're talking zombie baby. Or, as mom describes her, "She's special. She needs special food."

No explanation is ever provided on how this zombie infant happened. We're just intended to assume that this sort of thing can happen if you don't give birth to a stillborn baby early on.

The plot thickens when Ladd's mother in law (Gabrielle Rose) uses her position as a judge to bribe a family doctor (Serge Houde) to investigate the birth and have Ladd removed as the legal mother. She doesn't know we're talking zombie baby, so she's plenty surprised when the doctor dies, blood gets used as baby food, etc.

Aside from what has to be the most brutal and sadistic fly killing ever captured on film, "Grace" is pretty mild horror fare. It's the kind of film that probably would have made serious waves 30 years ago, but in this jaded horror era, few fans are going to notice it. While comparisons to "It's Alive" are obvious, the film shares a bit in common with Roman Polanski's "Repulsion." It's basically about a woman going crazy alone in her home. When meddlers start invading her world, they get killed off.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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